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March 2014

NEWSLETTER  March 2014

Cookies and Dreams Poetry Night  -  Friday 28 March 7pm to 10pm

Martin Luther King said I have a dream.  His speech was about equality and justice. His words changed the world for good.  

Pilgrim Productions Inc. would like to invite you and your friends into the Theatre Pitt for a night of poetry, spoken word, cookies, tea and dreams.  Spoken word poetry includes music so bring a guitar, drums, or your voice if you’re a singer songwriter. Bring your sense of humour if you’re a budding comedian.  5 mins at the open mic. For further details contact John Bembo on 021 075 4600

$5 donation at the door to cover expenses.  Bring a pillow.  Spread the word to all poets and performers!


       Harvey by Mary Chase

will be held on Sunday 6 April at 2pm 

at Theatre Pitt, 78 Pitt Street, Auckland
(ground floor of the Bi-Centenary Hall next door to the church)

The characters are:

Myrtle Mae Simmons :      20ish.          A social climber. Easily embarrassed.

Veta Louise Simmons:      40-50ish.     Myrtle's mother, a social climber, but ultimately a good person
Elwood P Dowd:               30-40ish.    Kind, friendly. Perhaps a dreamer (leading role)
Mrs. Chauvanet:               50+.              Old Money
Nurse Kelly:                       20s.            Sweet, but easily baffled.
Duane Wilson:                  20-40.        Hospital orderly and strong-arm. Very loyal.
Dr. Sanderson;                  30s.            Professional, but a little too quick to jump to conclusions.
Dr. Chumley:                     50+             Director of a sanitarium. As friendly as his name would suggest.
Mrs. Chumley:                   40+.             Understanding and patient.
Judge Gaffney:                  50+.              No nonsense upholder of The Law.
E.J. Loffgren:                      30-50ish.     Straight-shooting New York cabbie.

This production will be for a September season.  For further information, phone our director, Richard Purro on 021 0472 391.



We are very pleased to report on success for our 2013 production of The Importance of Being Earnest. 

Congratulations to Celeste Oram who won two awards (NAPTA Best supporting female in a play, and
ACTT Best female in a leading role) for her role as Gwendolin.

Also, congratulations to Carole Evans for winning ACTT award for Best costumes.

Celeste and Carole are shown in the photo.



We are very pleased to report on the addition of another new committee member.  Rebecca Watson is fairly new to theatre but comes with lots of enthusiasm.  Welcome Rebecca!


Subscriptions are now due for the 2014 financial year.  The cost is $15 for single members and $25 for a couple or a family.  Payment of a subscription entitles you to receive five newsletters each year plus a ticket at a concession price for our main production. 

If you are a new subscriber, please download a membership form from our website,  and sent it completed to the email address or PO Box. This enables us to update our membership list for future distribution of newsletters and other information.

NOTE: The data collected from you as part of your membership will not be sold or made available to another organization.

Methods of Payment:

  • Direct Deposit.  Pilgrim Productions Inc bank account details are: ASB K'Road, Auckland: 12-3060-0224018-00 Ref: Subs and add your surname.  Then email a copy of the bank deposit slip to or post the deposit slip to P O Box 41453, St Lukes, Auckland 1346 to enable our Treasurer to reconcile deposits against the depositors name.
  • By Cheque: Complete a membership form (or send with a covering note) and make out your cheque to Pilgrim Productions Inc and post it to the address above.



Pilgrim has become a contributor to a newsletter being published by a number of amateur theatre companies in Auckland.  This newsletter gives details of upcoming shows around Auckland and gives advance notice of auditions for shows. 
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